SportsLinc spoke to karate teacher Rob Lewis earlier today to find out why so many youngsters and adults are taking up this ancient art.

Rob has recently set up his own clubs and has been practising Karate for over 30 years.

I asked him about the physical and psychological benefits of the sport.

Rob explained: “There are many different benefits of taking up karate.

“It is good for your balance, co-ordination and overall health.

“It also helps if you play a range of sports. For example if youngsters play football, karate helps with agility.

“Likewise with netball and gymnastics. It is good for hand-eye co-ordination and flexibility.

“In fact Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, has one of the oldest lifespans in the world partly because most of its inhabitants have been doing karate all their lives.

“From a psychological point of view I know karate has certainly helped my confidence. I used to be shy but I now give presentations to large audiences.

“There is also a lot of self-discipline involved which is hugely important and respect for yourself and for others is taught from day one.

“Karate gives you the self-discipline and motivation to go forward.

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