No we are not talking about the Olympic games but something just as special if not more so.

Last Sunday’s 10K road race in York attracted around 5,00 runners. Not super athletes. Not professionals. Not celebrity heroes. The people who took part were down-to-earth regular guys like you and me. In fact I was one of them.

If you want to be inspired, motivated and even moved by the human spirit I suggest you either watch one of these events or better still take part in one.

The last person home finished in well over two hours for the six miles distance. It doesn’t matter. They did it. They achieved their target of finishing and crossing the line later rather than sooner.

Sunday was everyone’s Olympic final without the cloud of drug-taking, state politics and hype.

This was what I call a proper event where everyday people could come together and have fun.

I just hope the athletics in Rio follow the same theme.


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