Nearly 85% of the population suffer from lower back pain. Are you one of those sufferers?

I am.

My friend Sam is a strength and conditioning coach and he assessed the cause of the problem. It was a knee injury from 36 years ago. Ironically I get no pain from the knee but as a result of the ligament damage the left side of my body had to compensate for the weakness in the knee.

Result?I have a displacement in my left hip.

Consequences? Daily pain.

Remedy? Specific exercises to make me more flexible so I have a wider range of motion.

I have read a lot about back pain and if you suffer from it I am sure you have too.

Sam is going to work out some exercises which will suit me and once again get me into a position where I can walk down the street without stopping every 20 yards to stretch and ease the pain.

You know the feeling.

I will be playing the interview I had with Sam on Mix and Match this Saturday at 3pm on Siren 107.3FM and

I hope it helps you.

Peter Hayward


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