Tattoos whiz by you so fast that you can only see the blue and black blur of the image emblazoned on arms, legs and necks.

This is a sport where professions count for nothing. Doctors, teachers, accountants and scientists can shake off the restrictions of their day-to-day lives and become their own person, free of any shackles, free to play Roller Derby.

And although the sport encourages individualistic looks and names, it is certainly big on team work.

Razzo, Rusty Nail’em, Lil Cherry Kick Her and Mizza Murica become a Band of Sisters to form a hell-raising, prolific and unforgiving bunch of Roller Girls armed with high-octane and free spirits.

It’s a sport that has rules on the court but no restrictions off it. Believe me, anything goes.

If you want FREEDOM go find Roller Derby.



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