Q1. Why has the wording for tape on socks been changed to include other material?

A1. This was changed because some players were wearing/using material which was not tape (eg ankle socks) and which have a different colour to the sock.

Q2. Why can a player who loses a shinguard or boot accidentally be allowed to carry on playing?

A2. It is unfair that a player who loses a boot or shinguard by accident has to stop playing immediately- it seems fair to allow the player to have until the next restart of play to put it back on.

Q3. Why does the Law mention the lower edge (hem) of the shorts in relation to the colour of undershorts/tights?

A3. The Laws should be relevant to modern football and as shorts are now being designed with a different colour lower edge (hem) it is now clear that the undershorts/tights can be the colour of the shorts or the hem but the whole team must wear the same colour.

This does not apply to shirts- the colour of the undershirt must be the same colour as the main colour of the sleeve as this is important for detecting offences such as handball.


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