Sportslinc asked Laura Sutherland, Canoeing Development Officer for the region to extol the virtues of taking up canoeing in Lincoln.

Here are Laura’s words of wisdom.

1. How popular is canoeing in Lincoln?

Lincoln Canoe club is celebrating its 60th anniversary next year. We have over 100 members at Lincoln Canoe Club and it would be great if we could increase these numbers and get more people into the sport. It’s accessible for all ages and it means the whole family can take part in the sport at a recreational or racing level. We are lucky in Lincoln to have direct access to waterways that make the sport so accessible. We have had some great success over the years with members competing at Olympics and World Championships. Every year our racing team take part in competitions around the country in various Marathon races and Sprint Regatta’s.

2. If someone wanted to take up the sport in Lincoln how would they go about it?

Visit our website or come down to the club on the Brayford pool next to the University. You can then try one of our taster sessions. It’s the best way to try out the sport to see if you like it. You can have as many as four taster sessions before you need to join the club so you will get a real feel for the sport.

Currently we are offering a free kayak taster session for all boys and girls aged 12 years and under.

3. What are the attractions of canoeing as a sports/pastime?

It’s a great sport that’s outside and can be done all year around. There is very little initial cost involved in the sport as the club has all the equipment and coaches are on hand. The club runs sessions in recreational paddling and flat water racing and we have a range of sessions that are suitable for all abilities.

4.What links are you building up with Lincoln College and the canoe club?

We are offering a series of paddle sessions for special needs students which Lincolnshire Sport & British Canoeing are supporting.

5.What costs are involved in taking up the sport?

There is a yearly membership to join the club and that is all you need to spend if you are new to the sport as the club has all the equipment you need.  It’s only when you really get into the sport that you might want to start getting your own equipment or boats etc.

6.What are the benefits of canoeing from health and fitness point of view?

 Canoeing is a great sport for health and fitness levels. It’s a fun way to exercise and is accessible for the whole family. Members can also participate in running sessions and other gym type activities throughout the year.

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